As a modern society, we are mildly obsessed with superhero's right now; comic book movies are among the most successful at the box office, TV shows and video games continue to compliment the trend. As kids, many of us aspire to be just like the heroes we read about, watch, and imitate. When I was young, I read about the adventures of many different superheroes, but one in particular always stood out for me, Batman.

My passion for all things Batman has sustained, it isn't all about the cool gadgets, the money and the badass fighting skills (although all those things are awesome). To me it's about something bigger, the things that make Bruce Wayne a truly relatable figure; grit, intelligence, strategic and tactical skills, and a relentless focus on accomplishing something bigger than himself. These things are, in my opinion, fundamental to Bruce Wayne's development into Batman and his importance as a Superhero. More importantly though, I believe that those three things can transcend into every day reality for myself, helping me to be the best version of myself, affecting change for the good, at scale.

My wife and I just had our first son and now, more than ever, it is critically important to me that I continue to push myself to set the best kind of example I can and to make the world a better place for him, raising a superhero in the process.


Building the Bat is a blog about developing the skills and state of mind necessary to accomplish amazing things. This blog is aimed at men and fathers who love the idea of being and raising a hero in their own respect and want to build themselves into what it takes, mentally and physically; all the while setting an example and modeling what is right for their children. This will include health and fitness, personal development, strategic thinking, systems and social leadership, courage, discipline, and the many intellectual skills of Batman. I will be researching, experimenting, and documenting my journey here in an attempt to provide others with a map on how they too can change the world, be better spouses, parents, citizens, better people.