Day 1 of 365 - The Beginning

Life is good. But life is also quite busy and there's not always time to do things like blog and keep up with social media; although on a positive note I have been able to work out quite consistently for a while now. I'm making a commitment though, because damnit I pay for this site to be up and so I'm going to put stuff here.

I'm going to treat this series like a standup (if you don't work in tech and are wondering what in the world that means - check this out). A daily breakdown of what I did in my fitness journey, what issues I might be running into, and what to expect next.


Using the Fitbit Aria 2 scale, here are my stats on the day.

  • Weight: 219.9
  • Body fat percentage: 23.0%


Today was a hectic day with work, family, and home projects but fortunately I was able to take advantage of two breaks and sneak in two separate workouts. Here's what those looked like.

Morning (really a lunch break).

In the middle of sets here I tried to work in some time at the heavy bag, shadow boxing, or on the battle ropes. Really I just tried to keep moving throughout the workout to keep my heart rate up since I hadn't gotten in any cardio at this stage of the day.

Order Exercise Sets Reps
1 Trap bar deadlift 3 11
2a Barbell bench press 11
2b Reverse lunge 3 11
3a Single arm DB row 3 11
3b Romanian deadlift 3 11
3c Medicine ball press up 3 15


All of the exercises in this session with the exception of the tricep pushdowns at the end were done in a 1 1/2 format. Using a standard curl as an example, this means you would curl all the way, go halfway back down and pause, then come all the back up, then fully down; that's 1 rep.

Order Exercise Sets Reps
1 EZ bar curls 3 5-7
2 Wide angle DB curls (simultaneous) 5-7
3 Incline DB curls (simultaneous) 3 5-7
4 Close grip DB bench press (legs elevated) 3 5-7
5 DB triceps kickback (one at a time) 3 5-7
6 Rocking tricep pressdowns (with band) 3 12

I was hoping to sneak in one of the Insanity Asylum workouts afterwords, but ran myself out of energy and had a few more work things to get done, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow.


One thing that has really helped me stay motivated is the tracking and competitions you can get on the Apple Watch, I've been competing and tracking consistently for a while now and the social aspect of this (especially for me who works completely from home) is invaluable.