Day 2 of 365

Day 2 getting a blog up and out the door...almost harder than working out, but here we go. Today was much more cardio focused as I really only try to weight train every other day, while still giving my muscles some time to recover. Batman needs to be able to move like an athlete if he's going to do half the things he does, especially with that armor on.

Below you'll find the workouts performed throughout the day and keep in mind that I am in the middle of a heated Apple Watch competition (hence the two-a-days!).


Using the Fitbit Aria 2 scale, here are my stats on the day.

  • Weight: 219.8
  • Body fat percentage: 23.1%

Pretty much no change since yesterday, not terribly surprising though.


Today started off with lots of family activities, including some play time with the little guy. Fortunately, my work schedule was such that I could get flexible and break it into several big chunks, letting me get some really good workout time in. I also went into today really looking forward to some more boxing based cardio workouts.

Early Afternoon

Boxing and functional workouts to get the heart pumping. Below is the circuit I ran through.

4 rounds

  • 60 seconds - jab combinations
  • 30 seconds - squat jumps
  • 30 seconds - jump rope
  • 30 seconds - rest

4 rounds

  • 30 seconds - jab/cross combinations
  • 30 seconds - bent over single leg squat (use arms for balance and focus on glutes)
  • 30 seconds - bent over single leg squat, do the other leg
  • 30 seconds - single leg jump rope, switch every 8-10 hops
  • 30 seconds - rest

2 rounds

  • 30 seconds - jab/hook combinations
  • 30 seconds - deep squat hold
  • 30 seconds - jump rope
  • 30 seconds - rest

2 rounds

  • 30 seconds - shadow box combinations, keep mixing it up
  • 30 seconds - jack squat (like jumping jacks but squatting with foot movement)
  • 30 seconds - jump rope
  • 30 seconds - rest

Moving past the boxing workout rounds, I did 10 minutes of functional training which really just wrecked me.

4 rounds

  • 60 seconds - deep vertical jump
  • 60 seconds - bear crawl in squares
  • 30 seconds - try not to die while resting


Alright, tonight is functional training, I'm doing the Back to Core workout from the Insanity Asylum series (that just happens to be where I'm at in the current month iteration).  The workout lasts around 40 minutes and incorporates a lot of stability exercises, it's almost like active pilates. My left knee has been sore as of late so there was a bit of modification doing certain jumping exercises, opting instead for deep squats or swapping speed for deep explosive jumps. Really good sweat though.

I'm ending the day today walking the dog, she's been cooped up with the rain today and I need to recover and stretch my legs.

(Not so) patiently waiting


One thing that has really helped me stay motivated is the tracking and competitions you can get on the Apple Watch, I've been competing and tracking consistently for a while now and the social aspect of this (especially for me who works completely from home) is invaluable.

Also, on a happy note I was able to crank out (just barely) 7 dead hang pull-ups today; it's been quite a while since I could do that, sadly enough. But I am excited about the continued progress forward.