Day 3 of 365

Phew, dinner parties and house projects to prep for in the midst of a really busy workday. I could really stand to start getting up earlier, another weak spot for me right now; way too much stuff happens late at night for me.

I'm going to try something new tomorrow with nutrition tracking as I make slight tweaks to the format here. Let's go!



Using the Fitbit Aria 2 scale, here are my stats on the day.

  • Weight: 219.6
  • Body fat percentage: 23.2%

Slight change in the right direction, hopefully I didn't set myself back too far with the ridiculously rich dinner.


Just signed up for MyFitnessPal again to give it another shot, I've heard it's come a long way since UA bought and invested in it. Going to aim for consistency in food tracking as I think that's my biggest weak point in my overall health journey.


Today was a hectic day with work, family, and home projects but fortunately I was able to take advantage of two breaks and sneak in two separate workouts. Here's what those looked like.

Lunch break

All arms again today, 4 supersets done 3 times each, 2 biceps and 2 triceps. I tried to do this with as little rest as possible. When my arms were completely shot I did some jumping jacks or shadow boxing to keep my heart rate up.

Order Exercise Reps
1a Inverted chin curls (using bands mounted on ceiling) to failure
1b Incline DB curls (simultaneous) to failure
2a High curls getting hands behind head for max stretch to failure
2b Incline DB curls to failure
3a Tricep pushdown to failure
3b DB close grip press to failure
4a Cobra pushup to failure
4b DB close grip press to failure


After our dinner party at the house tonight I was able to sneak in a quick 30 minutes of pilates/core work and another 30 minutes to walk the dog outside. Really solid recovery for what I know is going to be an extremely busy day tomorrow.


I get a lot of the motivation for my workouts and sometimes the entire workouts from Chris Hemsworth's new app, Centr. It's a really cool app and gives you workouts across a bunch of different dimensions (cardio, strength, stability, power, etc.). Plus...the snacks are amazing.