Day 4 of 365 - The Pour

So this was a fun day. After wrapping up work I was outside working on pouring a concrete sideway until about 9:00 PM. The good news though? It's looking pretty good.



Didn't do a weigh in this morning as I had a crying baby to get sooner rather than later.


Alright, profile up and full day of logging was successful. Have I mentioned that I hate logging what I eat?


After wrapping up with the front walkway I was able to spend some focused time watching a movie and getting some bodyweight workouts in.

Late evening

First up I did one of the advanced MMA workouts from Centr which last about 50 minutes in total. It's a lot of shadow boxing combinations that you run through like rounds in a fight.

After that I got a quick bite of food and wrapped the day with the speed and agility workout from the Insanity Asylum series. If you've never done any of these workouts...they're brutal.


It's a good reminder of just how much of a workout you can get from mixing concrete by hand and doing work around the house. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, getting back on the weights in a big way!