Day 5 of 365

Friday stand-up time. Today was a pretty weights heavy day and I found myself breaking up the workouts into many different smaller sessions where I would run downstairs, get some work in, then run back up and do more work. This is probably the best part about working from home when it comes to fitness, however, I also find myself responding to email at 10:30 at night, comes with the territory I suppose.



Using the Fitbit Aria 2 scale, here are my stats on the day.

  • Weight: 219.2
  • Body fat percentage: 23.2%

I think I might start doing weekly weigh-ins only and instead come up with some other stats to post up in this section. I'll have to noodle on that some more.


Pretty clean day of eating today, ended my day with a huge dinner (volume-wise) that was made up of a load of shrimp, brown rice, and veggies. Came together very nicely. Recipe is below.


  • A bag of Uncle Ben's steam-able brown rice
  • A bag of steam-able broccoli (4 cups)
  • Fresh Basil
  • 3-4 cloves of chopped garlic
  • Seasoning: onion powder, pepper, sea salt
  • 2 huge handfuls of spinach
  • Olive oil for the pan and cooking vegetables down
  • Shrimp (I used about 8 ounces)


  • Heat up a large non-stick pan, add oil and chopped garlic once it's going (medium heat)
  • Steam broccoli first and then toss it in along with the spinach when the garlic starts to soften and brown
  • Let the vegetables cook down while stirring for a few minutes
  • Microwave the rice and then toss that in along with your seasoning
  • Toss in the shrimp last since (I used pre-cooked shrimp so I was really just warming it up)
  • Serve



Shoulders and bag work. I cranked through a number of different shoulder exercises as fast as I could, only taking about 15-20 seconds rest each time. I was able to get through this in about 15 minutes.

Order Exercise Sets Reps
1a Single arm side lateral raises (heavy focus on eccentric) 2 5-6
1b Weight plate front raise 2 10
1c DB overhead press 2 10
2a Side lateral raises (normal, lighter weight) 2 15
2b Arnold press 2 10
2c DB shrug 2 10

Finished out with a few minutes just to jack my heart rate up on the heavy bag.

Early afternoon

I had about 15 minutes to spare before a work meeting so I went down and spent the entirety of that time on the heavy bag, getting some more podcast listening in along the way. I'm one of those weird people that listens to NPR instead of music when I work out; I find it's a good way to multi-task.


Before and after dinner I got some cardio in.

First up was a Centr workout from @da_rulk who is an absolute beast. His workouts look super simple on the surface but will absolutely wreck you.

After giving my legs a quick reprieve while eating, I got the next day of my Insanity Asylum schedule in, strength.