Day 6 of 365

Catching up on my posting after the weekend retroactively. Saturday for me has to include some family and relaxing time, something I've historically been terrible at. I was able to put in most of my workout time in the latter part of the day, hitting the weights and ending with some Insanity workouts. I will admit, one of my favorite parts about working out at home, especially the video cardio workouts is that I can set up in my living room, put something gnarly on Netflix and then get after it. It really helps pass the time quickly since I historically despise cardio workouts.



No weight check-in today, I'm going to save these for Monday mornings.


Adjusted my MyFitnessPal goals down a bit to 1.5 pounds lost per week with exercise adjustments. For my current size, activity levels, etc. that has me coming in around 2,500 calories per day.

Today was a good day of eating for the most part, I did come in over my calorie intake, but with how hard I finished out the day I think that's perfectly reasonable.

Note: daily goal adjusted up because of exercise.


Late evening (around 8:00 pm start)

Started off with weights at home where I'm slightly limited with equipment. Ideally I can get some heavier lifts like squats, leg presses, calf raises, etc. in, but at home I need to make some adjustments. Here's what I did.

Order Exercise Sets Reps
1 Dynamic warm up 1 5 minutes
2a EZ bar front squat 5 12
2b Weighted leg raise and tuck 5 12
3a Split bulgarian squat (L) 5 12
3b Split bulgarian squat (R) 5 12
3c Weighted russian twists 5 60 seconds
4a Overhead dumbbell extension 5 10
4b Air squats (body weight) 5 25
4c Hammer curls 5 10

I tried afterwords to get some cardio in on the heavy bag but I was shot. After I got this lift in I went upstairs for a quick protein shake.

After turning on Netflix to finish up season 2 of the Punisher I pulled out my laptop to do the GameDay workout. I only ended up being able to get through about 35 minutes of the video and I was completely shot, still a terrific workout though.

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