Day 7 of 365

Oh Sunday morning, if you've seen the front of our house since we moved in you'd understand why my amazing wife and I spent it out front landscaping. This involved pulling out stumps, weeding, moving dirt around, and cleaning up our new walkway from earlier in the week. Three and a half hours of ripping things out of the ground proved to be a pretty effective calorie burn for me and succeeded in wiping my energy reserves out for the day.

That being said, I leave for NYC on Monday and so needed to pack and get some things done around the house, exercise could wait or be subbed in for a "rest" day.



No weight check-in today, I'm going to save these for Monday mornings.


First full day on the 2,500 target I mentioned yesterday, I think it was a success calorie-wise, even though I again came in just a touch over the limit.

One thing jumps out at me in reading this summary is that I carbed out like crazy and my protein was significantly lower than it probably should have been. That's going to be something I need to watch and control carefully, especially while traveling.


No workouts today, but I'm going to claim that landscaping outside for over three hours is a decent enough substitute :)