Day 8 of 365 - Train to NYC

Monday morning and I'm on the train up to NYC from DC. I'll be here all week and all next week for some work stuff I've got happening. While I love the city, it is incredibly hard for me to find the time and energy to exercise on work trips. The same holds for my discipline when it comes to eating.

Fortunately, I was able to get quite a bit of walking in today and my eating was on point, no alcohol, no sweets, and a pretty balanced day of eating. I brought along my TRX setup, some bands, and a collapsable pull-up bar so despite a very tiny hotel room, I at least got 10 minutes of resistance training in today...more to come tomorrow.



Monday morning check-in:

  • Weight: 217.1
  • Body fat percentage: 23%

I'm really hoping that if I can shift my focus on cleaner eating and cardio these next 2 weeks that I can bust out of this weird little plateau I seem to have fallen into.


First day in NYC and I managed to keep it pretty lean and clean. Way less protein again than I would have liked, I think this is going to be my biggest struggle while traveling. I'm going to try to find a health store at some point tomorrow if I can and load up on some super high protein snacks to offset some of this.


Lots of walking and about 10 minutes of resistance training going on the TRX straps and resistance bands I brought with me. Sadly, none of the door frames are laid out in such a way that I can use my pull-up bar, so that was a total waste of space...bummer.