Anyone Could Become Batman

Anyone could become Batman, given the time, dedication, and of course the money. He's just a man, he doesn't have that radioactive spider bite, a magic ring, kryptonian family tree, or other fantastical conditions that apparently lead to one becoming a superhero (or villain). That statement has been the subject of many articles, books, and videos, some notable examples are here and here.

This lack of any superpowers is one of the things that fuels the appeal behind Bruce Wayne, that and being a total badass. He's relatable, but above all, becoming the Batman is accessible to those who believe they have the iron will and resources to do it. The kicker is that pretty much every one of these analyses focus on the health and fitness, yet we still have all the martial arts and the myriad of other intellectual and tactical skills that Batman had when he began his career as a vigilante crime fighter. For example, how did Bruce Wayne develop his detective skills, his strategic planning capabilities, or his awareness of criminal psychology?


Personally, the thing that really drew me to Batman as a kid was not the fact that he was relatable or that he had no superpowers. Rather, it was the fact that he was able to fight for what he believed in and make a difference, in an incredibly harsh environment (i.e., amongst Gotham City's corruption and super villain crew) without those powers. Batman defied the odds and used his grit, intellect, strategic and tactical thinking, and of course his incredible fitness and martial arts skills to win. Batman was always able to out think his opponents before he was able to out match them physically, that's what I loved.

Growing up and today, like I'm sure you do, I had a few idols along these same lines and I really strive to set the sets high for myself. For example, I latched on to this quote after reading all about Don Shula as a kid:

"If you don't strive for perfection, you'll never achieve excellence." -- Don Shula

It is quotes like this that drive me, characters like Batman that inspire me, and it's a big part of where, why, and who I am today. With all that on the table, this blog will be a record of my own attempts to become the absolute best version of myself by emulating the Batman. This includes setting the best example I can and raising children that are themselves hero-worthy.

Here's the catch though, my mission won't be to protect Gotham City, weed out corruption, and strike fear into the hearts of criminals. But I believe that each of us can find a way to make the world a better place, in our own unique way. I touched on this slightly in the about section of this site but I plan to break my personal mission down much more, in a later post. I will provide some tools that I've found useful to figure out a personal mission of your own.