Titans and DC Universe

I was one of the people who signed up early for DC's new online subscription service and just finished watching episode 1 of the Titans show. All in all I enjoyed it, some of the initial internet hate that came when images of the characters started to surface was a bit unjustified in my opinion. The picture below of Starfire is what really seemed to fire folks up.


I get it...characters don't always look like they do in the comicbooks where we came to really know and love them. If you can set your obsession with one particular artist's interpretation of a character's appearance aside and focus on the meat of what that character stands for instead, I think you'll find this entertaining. The same goes for Dick Grayson's (Robin) apparent frustration with Batman in the series.

I'm going to keep watching and hope that they really invest in each character's backstory and what might bring them together. In my opinion this was one of the biggest pain points of the DCEU to date is the rushed storytelling.

Comic selection

One of the things that has always frustrated me the most about keeping up with comics as I rarely do now is that I need to buy each and every one as it's released, when I can get almost limitless movies and shows for predictable rates. While the selection isn't yet huge, it's giving me a chance to get caught up on some series that I haven't even touched yet, which is pretty exciting. I also appreciate that they have mobile apps so I can download things to my phone and iPad while I'm traveling...big fan of that.

I'm going to remain optimistic about the service and keep tuning in as I love DC's characters, even though their implementation and portrayal is sometimes a little bit wonky.